We build, repair, rebuild, overhaul, and maintain vessels from our shipyard facility in the Philippines.

Ship Repair

Need ship repair in the Philippines? Look no further than ADMSI. Our experienced team offers top-quality services to keep your vessel sailing smoothly.


Unlock the potential of shipbuilding in the Philippines with ADMSI. Experience superior quality like never before. Start building your dream ship today!

Shipyard Facility

Choose ADMSI's premier shipyard facilities in the Philippines for unrivaled quality services to offshore engineering and maritime clients.


Join the ranks of our satisfied marine clients who trust ADMSI for top-quality offshore and marine solutions. Experience the difference today!


Learn about ADMSI's successful shipbuilding, ship repair, and offshore projects. Also, find out about our Philippine vessel upgrades and conversion projects.

About Us


Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. (ADMSI) is one of the most cost-effective and top-quality shipbuilding and ship repair corporations that commenced operations on January 9, 2015. We are a privately owned Filipino company that boasts an impressive shipyard facility located in Barangay Amaya VII, Tanza, Cavite, Philippines. Spanning across two hectares of land with a shoreline measuring 340 meters, ADMSI’s shipyard offers ample space to cater to various maritime needs.

AMAYA Dockyard & Marine Services Inc Philippines, ship repair, dry dock, shipbuilding



To be one of the most reliable and innovative small-category shipbuilding and ship repair companies on a national scale and the preferred shipyard destination and solution provider in the Philippines by providing efficacious solutions to critical engineering issues.

AMAYA Shipyard in the Philippines, Drydock, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Philippines
AMAYA Shipyard, Drydock, Shipbuilding, deck barge repair, Ship Repair, Philippines


We offer competitive and quality design and engineering services as well as exemplary workmanship to provide excellent and seaworthy vessels that precisely meet all of our customer’s requirements and deliver value to our stakeholders.


We offer competitive and quality design and engineering services as well as exemplary workmanship to provide excellent and seaworthy vessels that precisely meet all of our customer’s requirements and deliver value to our stakeholders.

AMAYA Shipyard, Drydock, Shipbuilding, deck barge repair, Ship Repair, Philippines



We are committed to being fair and transparent in all manners with our customers, employees, stakeholders, and each other.

AMAYA Shipyard, Drydock, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Cavite, Philippines, Shipyard in Bohol



“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” This is a quote from the great Henry Ford that struck me most and kept me going forward.

This company could not have existed without the collective effort and support of the suppliers, clients, and employees.

Our suppliers play a major role in our growth as quality and timeliness significantly influence our output. Value them, and they will value us.

Our clients form one of the integral parts of this organization. They remain to be our limbs; without them, we cannot stand on our own.

Our Key Officers

Vangie P. Rodriguez

President and CEO

Joey P. Rodriguez

General Manager

Edward Jernigan C. Valenzuala

Assistant General Manager for Business Development

Thomas Patrick R. Pangilinan

Assistant General Manager for Engineering & Operations

Virginia P. Rodriguez

Assistant General Manager for Finance, HR, & Administration

Karen Angela A. Signo

Engineering & Operations Manager

Norwina A. Rodriguez

Human Resources & Administration Manager

Miguel Angelo L. Tolentino

Purchasing Manager

Quality Policy

ADMSI is a quality-driven company in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry that is firmly committed to exceeding our customers’, partners, and industry’s requirements by maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. 

We strive to:

Provide an effective quality management system with a clear and just structure to keep quality service at the top level. 

Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. (ADMSI) understands the importance of providing an effective quality management system to ensure that its services are delivered at the highest level of quality. To achieve this, they have implemented a clear and just structure within their organization. This structure includes defined roles and responsibilities for each employee, as well as a transparent process for decision-making.

Health, Safety, and Environment

ADMSI believes that health, safety, environment, and quality are of equal importance and should not be compromised by the activities that are or will be employed to achieve its business objectives.

Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. (ADMSI) is a firm believer that health, safety, environment, and quality should always take precedence and should not be compromised. This philosophy serves as the foundation for their operations and guides all their activities. ADMSI understands that the well-being of its employees and the preservation of the environment are crucial components in ensuring sustainable growth.


Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. has been certified by TÜV Rheinland as an ISO-9001 in shipbuilding and ship repair company in the Philippines. 

Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc., a leading shipbuilding and ship repair company in the Philippines, has recently achieved ISO-9001 certification from TÜV Rheinland. This internationally recognized certification is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and excellence in its operations. 

With this certification, Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. demonstrates its adherence to strict standards set by ISO-9001 for shipbuilding and ship repair processes. The company has implemented effective quality management systems that ensure consistent delivery of high-quality services to its clients.


Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc., a leading provider of shipbuilding and ship repair services in the Philippines, has been honored with several prestigious awards from renowned organizations in the Philippines. These accolades highlight the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, excellence in shipbuilding, and its dedication to education and safety.

The Municipal Environmental and Natural Resources office recognized Amaya Dockyard for its outstanding efforts in promoting eco-friendly practices within its operations. The company’s sustainable initiatives include efficient waste management systems, energy conservation measures, and the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies. This award is a testament to Amaya Dockyard’s commitment to preserving the environment while providing top-notch maritime services.

Our Suppliers and Solution Partners

Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. prides itself on being the go-to solution for cost-effective and top-quality services within the shipbuilding and ship repair industry. With a network of the best suppliers and solution partners in the business, Amaya Dockyard ensures that customers receive nothing but excellence in every project they undertake.

Our team at Amaya Dockyard understands that shipbuilding and ship repair requires meticulous attention to detail, expertise, and high-quality materials. That’s why we have carefully selected our suppliers and solution partners to guarantee unrivaled service delivery. We work closely with trusted manufacturers who provide us with top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions necessary for successful projects.

By collaborating with our esteemed partners, we have built a reputation for delivering cost-effective services without compromising on quality. This reputation has earned us the trust of our clients, who rely on us to meet their specific requirements and deliver exceptional results within agreed timelines. Our team of skilled engineers, naval architects, technicians, and craftsmen work in harmony to ensure that every aspect of the project is executed with precision.


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Amaya Dockyard & Marine Services Inc. (ADMSI) is revolutionizing the maritime industry in the Philippines with its commitment to building cost-effective and on-time delivery of various vessels, including LCTs, deck barges, pontoons, RoRo, and more. With a reputation for excellence and reliability, ADMSI has become a trusted name in the industry.

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